Welcome to the IWP Newsletter – September 2022

Welcome to the IWP Newsletter, where you can find the latest IWP news and events so you can make the most of your time in Portugal.


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Welcome to the IWP Newsletter
September 2022 

Cabo da Roca or Cape Roca
Is the cape which has the distinction of being the westernmost point of continental Europe. It is part of the Sintra Mountain Range. Notably the point includes a lighthouse that started operating in 1772.
Dear IWP Members – Happy September – Recruit a new member!

A month’s worth of Sintra Walks are back on the calendar! However – nature being what it is – please check the website or our Facebook Forum page in case of last minute changes. 

A brand new activity is being launched. It has come to our attention that there are some members who are dealing and struggling with loss, whether they be widows, divorcées, bereaved parents or even coping with the loss of a relationship. A pilot support group will run for six weeks in a private home, facilitated by me (Louise) . There will be guidelines and a structure to the meetings. I have facilitated groups for many years, more recently with a specific focus on grief and loss. There is no charge but there is a commitment. If you think this is something that might be of interest, please call me and I can tell you more and see if it would be a good fit for you. 6-8 max. Call 912 535 859. All calls will be confidential.

While on the subject of activities … once again, we urge you not to randomly sign up for events with the idea that you ‘might’ attend. We often have waiting lists and ‘no shows’ hold up a space that someone else will happily fill.  How do you cancel last minute? Go to the webpage/event, scroll down to Organiser and make a quick call. Thank you!

A specific clarification for Drinks at the Baia. The webpage allows you to book 1 spot. If you have a guest, send a separate email to secretary.iwp@gmail.com with the name of your plus one. Heather will get back to you in plenty of time for you to know if we have room for them. 

We are still looking for a qualified accountant that may be disguised as an IWP member! What we require is minimal in terms of time but critical in terms of keeping IWP on track with our monies. Please be in touch if you can help – treasury.iwp@gmail.com

A great idea has emerged from the Lisbon Coffee Morning ladies. Although the official start time of the activity is 10:30am each Wednesday, whoever wants to meet at 10:00am may do so – but the conversation will be in Portuguese. All levels are welcome! Bravery in action! 

Thanks go to two new volunteers this month … Jean McKelvie will be taking over making your VERY SPECIAL IWP nametags …. thank you Jean! and Eileen Mello will be helping us acknowledge birthdays.  We don’t want to know how old you are … no, no, no … but we would like to mention you in a birthday list each month in our Newsletter. (Thank you WRVS for the idea!). Send an email to ewmello@gmail.com with your name and birth month. (totally optional of course).

OFFICE HOURS are back! Heather Dennis will be at Rua Poço Novo 85, in the historic district of Cascais on Tuesday, Sept. 6th from 12 – 2pm. Drop by for help with RSVPs, tickets, membership or just to chat and say hello. (She takes milk, no sugar).
Some dates for your calendar
DRINKS AT THE BAIA ROOFTOP BLUE BAR – Thursday, September 8th. 6pm – 8pm
Please read the important note above and remember to send a SEPARATE EMAIL to Heather Dennis – secretary.iwp@gmail.com  if you wish to bring a guest. 

Reserve your spot: https://iwpportugal.org/events/iwp-drinks-at-the-baia-hotel-copy

Sip unique IWP Caiparinha Cocktails (or wine/beer/water) and watch the sunset from one of the most stunning terraces in São João do Estoril. Price of admission is a plate of nibbles/finger food to share along with the ticket cost. If any of you would like to strum your guitar or offer some other live instrumental atmosphere to the evening – you will gain free entry!
Attendees will be contacted with time and address details. Limited to 20 members. Ticket cost: €12. View: priceless! 
Reserve your spot: https://iwpportugal.org/events/sunset-cocktails-on-the-terrace

TEA & TALK – Wednesday, September 21st. 3pm – 4:30pm
Situational Awareness – Are You Managing Personal Risk?
‘Mike Williams will be sharing some thoughts about managing personal risk and suggest some basic steps to help reduce that risk in a world where unfortunately ‘zero’ risk does not exist.’
Do NOT miss this talk! Super guy – former British Army – fascinating topic!
Limited to 25 members.
Reserve your spot: https://iwpportugal.org/events/tea-talk-2

PORTUGUESE CROWN JEWELS AND THE PALACE OF AJUDA in Lisbon – Friday, September 30th. 9:30am – 2:30pm (if you choose to stay for lunch)

Thanks go to Kristina Richardson for planning this event for us! View the crown jewels and tour the palace with an English speaking guide (along with audio.) Stay on for an optional lunch at Mestrias Tasca Nova. (https://g.co/kgs/spB8Aw)
Limited to 15 members – cost €25
Reserve your spot: https://iwpportugal.org/events/portuguese-crown-jewels-and-palacio-da-ajuda

coming up in October … (but always subject to change) an Art Walk for true art enthusiasts, a talk about São Miguel in the Azores, a workshop at the Museu do Oriente in Lisbon 
Member Highlight
This month we meet Isabel Romariz.
(by Joy Davenport)

Isabel was born in Mozambique of Portuguese parents and lived there until the war broke out in 1974, at which time her family moved to South Africa. The move propelled her to learn English at age nine, and it was beneficial that her father had learned to speak English in the Army. She started school in Johannesburg and noted that there were many other Portuguese children from Mozambique in the same situation, so it didn’t feel so foreign.
Isabel’s father was a famous race car driver who loved to explore. She has fond memories of her father taking the family in a caravan to explore South Africa. She got to know the country very well and still has a sense of adventure with travel.
When she was 15 years old, tragedy struck when her father was killed in an automobile accident where he was a passenger in a colleague’s car.
Always an artsy child, after her studies, Isabel went to work for an interior design company that did primarily commercial design, and later worked for an advertising company as a Client Liaison Officer. It was while working here that she met her husband. It wasn’t long after that they moved to Port Elizabeth, South Africa where her first daughter was born. After three years, her husband’s career took them back to Johannesburg where they welcomed their second daughter.
During her marriage, she and her husband bought fixer upper houses and remodelled them for resale. For Isabel this was not only profitable, but a perfect outlet for her artistic talents. She loved the satisfaction of taking a run-down house and returning beauty and life to it. Her husband’s next job transfer led them to Durban, South Africa, which she found to be a lovely, family-oriented place to raise her daughters. She and her husband continued their home buying and selling in Durban; it was during this time (1999) that she started her own interior design business. In the beginning she was her own seamstress for her design projects, but as her business took off, and life got really hectic, she had to acquire a team of seamstresses and installers.
During this time, she was also a member of the governing body at her children’s school doing fundraising projects as well as juggling the extra curricular activities of her daughters.
When asked if she planned to return to her home country, she stated that in 1990, she was a member of Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals and the organization was looking for former Mozambicans to move back to open businesses and help improve the country. She went back with the group for a brief visit but decided that the timing wasn’t right for her to take that offer.
In 2005 she had an emotional return to Mozambique, and although the maps and street names had changed, she found the house she lived in before 1974, her school, and visited her grandparent’s farm where she spent much of her early years.
2020 was a momentous year for many people. For Isabel 2020 brought much personal introspection; she got divorced after 30 years of marriage, sold her home as well as most of her belongings, and as her grown daughters moved to the UK, Isabel moved to Portugal.
The IWP has been a huge part of Isabel’s life since moving here. She is passionate about not only its existence, but what the IWP offers women who are here from so many different places and cultures. Through the activities and social functions she has met many wonderful women and made amazing friends. The camaraderie with other IWP women has truly enriched her life. Isabel enjoys hiking, traveling, watching movies, and especially scrap-booking.
Masks are recommended to be worn in health centres and other healthcare facilities. They are no longer required to be worn on public transportation. Happily this Update is getting shorter and shorter!

Best wishes,

Louise Strasenburgh
Executive President of IWP
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