Welcome to the IWP Newsletter – May 2021

Welcome to the IWP Newsletter, where you can find the latest IWP news and events so you can make the most of your time in Portugal.


Welcome to the IWP Newsletter
May 2021

Dear IWP Members

Happy May! We’re having a Spring Fling!

We are there! The traffic light has changed to green and we are on the move!

Well done and thank you to all of you mask-wearing, distance-keeping ladies who are part of the reason the COVID numbers are low enough to allow more freedom. 

Our outdoor and person-to-person activities will resume this week:  Paredão Walks, Sintra Walks, Book Clubs in homes, Knitters + Stitchers to name but a few. We had 24 ladies at our Tuesday Coffee in the Market – which was wonderful!

Activity Captains should let Annemarie Simons (designatemember@gmail.com) know of changes to venues so we can update the website immediately. It’s really important that we know who is in each particular group – Bridge Club – Book Groups – Walking Groups etc. We need to keep our membership records up to date. Non IWP members are invited to attend two activities before deciding whether they would like to join our group and pay the yearly fee of 25 euros – one of the best deals in town!

We are also excited to announce a SPRING FLING on Monday, May 17th at the Cascais Market from 10-12 noon.  We are inviting other ex-pat groups and clubs to come along and get to know us. A time to meet the Board Members, Activity Captains and learn about and sign up for events. Our IT guru, Brad Johnson, will be on hand to offer an on the spot tutorial on how to renew your membership online.

At the event, the WRVS will be showcasing their famous costume jewelry collection, where100% of the proceeds go to charity. Who are the WRVS? Come along and find out!

Check your InBox on Monday for our pretty invitation and feel free to forward it to your friends – the more the merrier! 
Per last month’s request, two charming members offered to oversee our project in memory of Maria Barros, our former President. This is what they wrote:
We are happy to be creating a Memory book for Maria Barros, and ask you to help us by sending your memories and/or photos. Eventually, all will be assembled and be available to members at the IWP office in Cascais. Later this year, we hope to hold a commemoration for Maria, in thanks for everything she gave to IWP during her time with us as VP and President from 2019 to 2021.

You can deliver your memories and photos either in person or through email:
  1. In person – give them to Kristina at our next in-person IWP coffee
  2. Email – send them to Joia at: joialewis10@gmail.co
Thank you so much!

Joia Lewis joialewis10@gmail.com  
Kristina Richardson tinakrisrich@gmail.com

All our activities are on the website, under Events and Groups. Scroll down to the Organizer’s name and send an email to reserve a space or ask a question. A few of the events are highlighted below.

HOT OFF THE PRESS!. Attention jewelry lovers! A Stacking Rings Workshop’ is being offered by Natalia Pitta, whose atelier, Manuale, is in the Casa da Guia . Only 3 ladies may attend at one time due to space restrictions, but we have 3 dates on offer – May 19th, 20th and 21st.
All details are on the website. The regular cost of €90 has been lowered to €60 just for us! All fees will be paid directly to Natalia before the sessions. Only one workshop per person please, to allow 9 different members to participate.

Sintra Walks are back, starting on Friday, May 7th. and a new group, offering a longer and more challenging walk, Sintra Hikes, will begin on Thursday, May 20th. Contact details for each walk are on the website.

The Mobile Phone Photo Club will begin on Wednesday, May 12th from 3pm – 5pm. and meet monthly. Our in-house photo guru, Marguerite Beaty will open this up to 16 people only. Sign up through the website. This is not a teaching workshop but a chance to meet and take some great pics and then show and tell. The Club will meet at the Parque Marechal Carmona in Cascais.
Plein Air, a monthly outdoor drawing group is already full! Our budding artists will meet on Wednesday, May 26th from 3pm – 5pm. at the Parque de Palmela, Cascais. Bring all your own materials – again, not a class – just a judgement free zone of creativity!
Member Highlight
In this section we introduce another of our talented IWP ladies. This month we are talking with Marsha Turner Pluhar.
by Sandra deHaan

Marsha was born in the capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, and raised in Milton, Pennsylvania, USA.   Her father was one of 12 children and as Milton was so small, half of the town were relatives.  After leaving high school her great friend had an opportunity to go and stay for 3 months with family friends in Southern California and Marsha, being adventurous, grabbed the chance to join her. After 3 months Marsha found work in an office which allowed her to stay in CA as she loved it so much. She met and married Chuck, who shared her love of exploring nature and the outdoors.  They took two separate sabbaticals and spent altogether 2 years travelling the northwest of the States camping all along the way. 
Knowing Marsha’s interests, they moved to Laguna Beach, CA where the hippie and bohemian culture suited them both. Chuck found work and Marsha studied for her Art Degree and still loves painting today. Her art was recently exhibited in Cascais.
When Chuck got a job in Lisbon in 1972, Marsha enjoyed the expat life until the 25th April,1974 when the revolution broke out.  Fearful of being kidnapped or losing their passports they returned quickly to Laguna Beach.
After two more wonderful relationships ended and her father died, Marsha decided in 2011 to come back to Portugal.  She returns to Pennsylvania on a regular basis to visit and care for her family.
Aside from her love of art, Marsha enjoys hiking. She has hiked parts of the Camino which she either walks alone or with friends. The Camino gave Marsha inspiration for her most recent artwork.  Last year Maria Barros and Joanne Hokes joined her for a very memorable trip.
Marsha has been very involved in the local community, creating the ‘Friends of the Environment’ activity group, leading architectural walks and organising museum visits.  She co-leads the IWP ‘Sintra Walks’ together with Joanne Hokes.
Hopefully in June her friend from the USA will join her in hiking another 100km of the Camino!
Sintra Walks will start again on Friday 7th May, 2021 – see the website for details.
Bits and Bobs:   
  • Where are our chefs? Send a good recipe with a photo to secretary.iwp@gmail.com for us to put on our website and make you famous!
  • Looking for restaurant scouts! A pair of hunters and gatherers who can cruise and peruse eating establishments along the coastline between Cascais and Lisbon and recommend places that might be fun for us to visit for lunch, or tea, or a drink.
  • Although the Paredâo Walk on a Monday morning is pretty self sufficient, we are looking for a volunteer to be the contact person for the group. If you’d be willing to have your email put on the website by that event, we’d appreciate it. There is no obligation to always go on the the walk!
  • All former IWP Presidents: we would like to have a photo of you for our new office wall. A headshot would be perfect if you have one. Please write on the back the dates of your time at the top. We will use use one generic frame for each, to give some consistency to the project. Photos should be approx 5″ x 7″ or 13 x 18 cms. Thank you!
  • Member Diana Williams has a tennis court at her apartment complex and is looking for some ladies to join her on the court. email: DianaWilliams736@gmail.com for more info.  


  • We are always looking for members to help our IWP Executive Board run this wonderful organisation. If you would like to get involved, please click here to contact us.
  • Please note that in keeping with the objectives of the Association, the promotion of a business or the sale of goods or services is not allowed.

Best wishes,

Louise Strasenburgh
Executive President of IWP