Welcome to the IWP Newsletter – March 2022

Welcome to the IWP Newsletter, where you can find the latest IWP news and events so you can make the most of your time in Portugal.


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Welcome to the IWP Newsletter
March 2022 

Dear Members,

Happy March and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Thank you to the more than sixty members who attended our AGM and luncheon last month. What a great turnout we had with some good conversation regarding financial planning for the future. The amount of interest was evidence of the important role that IWP plays in the lives of many of our members. We will take all comments and points of view into consideration and also canvas those who were not able to be with us on the 17th. We want to make sure we are as united as possible in our decision making regarding future membership fees and any subsidies and ‘scholarships’.

As mentioned at the meeting, going forward, no cash or bank transfers will be accepted for ticketed events or membership renewals. To that end, Heather Dennis will hold Office Hours at 85 Rua Poço Novo in Cascais at 12 noon on the 1st Tuesday of each month, starting on April 5th for anyone who would like some guidance on how to use a credit card to buy a ticket, renew a membership, make an RSVP through our website or hunt for a missing Newsletter! Thank you Heather for offering this needed service. 

Some important Thank Yous ….

 – to Barbara Schafer and Annemarie Simons for their dedication and hard work on the Executive Board. They have both been committed supporters of the group and its mission and a delight to have around the table. 
 – to Linda Teixeira and Maria Neves for stepping up and taking on new responsibilities as Designate Member and Treasurer, respectively. We can have total confidence in the work that these ladies have volunteered to undertake. 
read Linda’s bio here: https://iwpportugal.org/stories/linda-teixeira-member-designate
read Maria’s bio here:  https://iwpportugal.org/stories/maria-gorete-neves-treasurer

– to Teresa Katzenstein and Marie-France Mathes for their work on the Financial Review Board with Christine Rebet
– to Kathyrn Rawlings and Anja Merret for joining that important board.**
** all bios can be found on the Home Page of our website**

– to Tracy Cooper – maybe unknown to some of you but a saving grace to us all right now as she is helping with our IT systems since our support person had to step away. 

AND ….. we have a super ‘job opening’! Every other month, we highlight an IWP member and we are looking for a new ‘interviewer’. Choose and meet a member, (we have suggestions if you need them) write the story and get published! email secretary.iwp@gmail.com if this interests you. Thank you.

Use the easy links below to take you directly to the appropriate webpage for the event you wish to attend.
In date order, besides the usual walks, coffee mornings etc., you may want to sign up for:

CASCA + FRIENDS WINE SPOT – Thursday, March 3rd at 6pm
A super spot in Estoril right by the Casino. A customised selection of 4-5 wines and 10 appetisers will be served, sampled and discussed. Max. 18 seats – so reserve your place quickly. Members only. Details and tickets (25.50€) on our website. Email linda.teixeira.iwp@gmail.com to go on the waiting list.
Reserve your spot!  https://iwpportugal.org/events/casca-wine-and-petisco-tasting

DRINKS AT THE BAIA HOTEL – Thursday, March 10th. 6pm – 8pm
Join us in the Bar for a mid-month gathering.

RSVP via the website please. Add a note if you plan to bring a guest. 
Reserve your spot!  https://iwpportugal.org/events/drinks-baia-hotel

TEA & TALK IS BACK! – Wednesday, March 16th. 3pm – 5pm
Duke Bar + Restaurant, Largo Luis de Camões, Cascais
Member Claire Banazol, RN will talk about how she came to join the Royal Navy and the challenges and fun she had over a 26 year career. Our speaker had to be bumped TWICE due to COVID – thank you Claire for your patience!
Reserve your spot! 

Centro Cultural de Belém, Praça do Império, 1449-003 Lisbon (Belém train station is closest)   https://en.museuberardo.pt/
A private 1 hour English speaking tour has been booked at this contemporary art museum. Min 10 – max 20 members.  10€ per person.
If you wish, join us at the in-house pizza and sushi café after the tour.  
East Oeste – https://www.gruposushicafe.pt/esteoeste
Reserve your spot for the Tour!  https://iwpportugal.org/events/berardo-museum-tour  

LUNCH OUT! – 39 DEGRAUS (DEGREES) – CINE/GASTRO/BAR – Thursday, March 31st. 1pm

A repurposed cinema has become a fun bistro! There are two ‘daily special menus’ which include soup, entrée and homemade ice tea or lemonade for 9.50€. (If you add dessert and coffee, the total is 11.50€). The menu is à la carte and members can order what they like and pay at the end. Bottles of wine are 8-10€.
Reserve your spot!  https://iwpportugal.org/events/lunch-out

FIRST WEEK IN APRIL: visit to the Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida – R. Rosa Araújo 41, 1250-165 Lisbon – with optional lunch afterwards. Details will be in the April Newsletter so be ready to sign up quickly!

Also coming up in April ….. Fado Night – Lisbon Walking Tour – New Lisbon Lunch spot!
Member Highlight
This month we are talking with Maria Neves. Maria is the new IWP Executive Board Treasurer, replacing Barbara Schafer, who stepped down last month.
Maria was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, of Portuguese parents who had emigrated from mainland Portugal.  Maria moved around to different provinces of the country, ending up in Hillcrest, from where she emigrated.  Almost all the family from her father’s side moved to South Africa and stayed there; whereas only half of her mother’s side did. Maria married a Portuguese man, but became divorced after 35 years of marriage.
In SA she studied finance and became an accountant, working for 23 years for Smith & Nephew, a global company. Business trips took her to Poland, India, Amsterdam, Dubai, China, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK.
In 2020, during lockdown, Maria took a repatriation flight and moved to Portugal due to political, economical and security reasons. In November 2019, Maria’s decision to choose Portugal as her new home was made easier by her upbringing and speaking the language at home as well as having dual citizenship. Maria still had family here whom she visited throughout her life and several friends had also moved here over the years, most of them living up north.
The decision for Maria to settle along the Lisbon line was influenced by the fact that her sister had bought an apartment in the neighbourhood over 20 years ago and also intends to move here, hopefully within the next couple of years, when her youngest son has completed his studies. Maria herself doesn’t have any children.
When Maria first arrived here, she joined InterNations, but only managed to attend one event before the second lockdown started. However, she had met a South African lady who told her about IWP and also introduced her to other fellow South Africans.
In February last year she became an IWP member, attending coffee mornings,  walks and lunches. For her it’s all about meeting new people from different countries and making new friends. She finds it easy to connect because most IWP members have a common thread in that they have also adopted Portugal as their new country.
Maria is not a sporty person at all, but has hacked a ball or two at golf and may consider picking this up at a later stage. She enjoys cooking and baking, sewing, yoga and dancing, and her Catholic religion is important to her.  And Maria wants to pick up traveling again, mainly in Europe.
A Note From Britta ….. A Group for Dudes??
In the past, IWP members have asked on and off, if male partners may attend IWP events or regular activities.
I have some thoughts I would like to share to seek your feedback. I am writing this as a member, not as a board member.
The IWP was founded and continues to function as a friendship group for international women. Only women can be members as per our Constitution.  This will remain as is.  It works well and is in great demand.
Sometimes male partners are invited to join in, provided that female members have had first option on tickets, Happy Hour etc.  Some members enjoy these mixed activities, others feel it changes the atmosphere or culture.  Sometimes the added and paying male partners or guests make an activity viable that would otherwise need to be cancelled due to insufficient registrations.  At other times, members have made the point that groups are getting too large and adding husbands and or guests makes it even worse or that introducing male partners make IWP activities just “another couples event”. 
Well, not easy to please everyone!
Floating an idea: some of our male partners may enjoy getting together occasionally on their own steam, to hike, play sports, watch a game, or have dinner, etc.
If your male partner would be interested to meet some of the other male partners and see if they could launch something themselves, please email me privately. I am happy to connect the dudes and let them work it out. (I can already hear some of my amigas chuckling at the thought of men organising themselves socially but-hey-worth a try…)
Email: Britta_martinimiles@hotmail.com
Covid Rules

As before, IWP will follow and enforce official guidelines at our events to help keep our members safe and healthy and to contain the spread of the virus. For further information click the link below:
We ask that any member who is not feeling well, or has potentially been exposed to the virus informs a member of our board as soon as possible. Thank you.

Best wishes,

Louise Strasenburgh
Executive President of IWP
Copyright © 2022 International Women in Portugal, All rights reserved.

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