Welcome to the IWP Newsletter – June 2021

Welcome to the IWP Newsletter, where you can find the latest IWP news and events so you can make the most of your time in Portugal.

IWP Newsletter June


Welcome to the IWP Newsletter
 June 2021

Dear IWP Members

It’s June and it’s all systems go!

Our Spring Fling was a huge success! An amazing turn out – approximately 150 ladies – met, chatted, learned about events, signed up for membership and had a thoroughly enjoyable morning at the Cascais Market Café. Every single person we spoke with was so happy to be out and about! A huge round of applause to all of you who made it happen. We have some great new suggestions for future activities and we are already following up with those. 
Gold stars are awarded to the Setúbal travellers for making the trek over the river and to our man of the hour, Brad Johnson, for helping with on the spot IT sign ups and other matters. 
Thanks to the WRVS for bringing their jewels …. it was great to share the space with you and choose our newest ‘diamond’ bracelets!
I do want to apologise for the acoustics … admittedly, we didn’t anticipate the quantity of attendees but neither IWP nor the market office had a microphone to use.
To that end, for those of you who apparently couldn’t hear me, I have been asked to reiterate the my IWP/Lisbon trolley analogy.
A Lisbon trolley only moves forward when its three components work together. The same can be said for IWP. 
The main part – the cabin – are like our members. They (you) are invited to jump on board and take turns at the wheel, deciding where to go, how to get there and what to do once you’re there (i.e. activites!)
The wires above the cab that connect the power, safety and guidance to the trolley are the Executive and Representative Boards.(i.e. oversight!)
And finally, the tracks upon which the tram runs and is supported are the legal, financial and digital safeguards that we keep in place. (i.e. infrastructure!).
IWP is run BY members FOR members and the goal of having enjoyable events and activities lies in the hands of US ALL. 
The monthly Calendar for June is filling up rapidly so please check the website for activity sign ups and organisers’ contact info. The walks are getting rave reviews! 
Activities Update

Great news in that the Plein Air Painting Group has space for more artists. You may have seen a “This Event is Full’ sign previously on our website but it has been taken off – so please be in touch with our organiser and let her know of your interest. There are photos on Facebook from the first gathering! 

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Details are being finalised for two Wine and Sushi Tour and Workshops! 
On two different dates in June, 12 ladies will enjoy touring a vineyard, tasting some wine and learning about and eating sushi. A separate flyer will be sent via email as soon as we’re good to go! The venue is within easy driving distance from Cascais, so car pooling will be the way to go. East meets West!!

We are hoping to bring back the IWP Monthly Happy Hour at a new outdoor venue. Watch this space and/or the website.  

A new afternoon activity that has been requested is Tea and a Talk. Within our membership, we have some fascinating women who have had amazing careers, travelled to far-off lands and experienced unusual adventures.  Maybe you’re one of them?  If so – please get in touch with Annemarie Simons – designatemember.iwp@gmail.com and let her know that you’d be willing to share part of all of your story. Again, we are close to securing a pretty venue at which to hold this activity. Don’t be shy – you’re among friends!

Important Note: If an event has a set number of spots available and you sign up but then cannot attend for some reason – please be courteous and let the organiser know. That way, she can call someone from a possible waitlist but also, she won’t be waiting for you and/or concerned that something may have happened to you en route. Thank you!
Member Highlight
In this section we introduce another of our talented IWP ladies. This month we are talking with Joia Lewis.
by Sandra deHaan

Joia Lewis was born in Portugal to missionary parents and grew up with her two brothers in Leiria, where her father taught in the Seminário Teológico Baptista de Leiria. At age 10 her parents moved the family back to Massachusetts and later to Minnesota.
On her arrival in the US Joia started violin lessons, and later studied at the Boston Conservatory before deciding to continue college at UMASS/Amherst in Russian literature and East European studies. She was selected to go to Moscow on a student programme, a great honour, and through which she also met her husband.
With her husband she travelled throughout Europe, Africa, India, and the Middle East for a year and then returned to Indiana University where she began graduate work in the History of the Philosophy of Science, working as a tutor and in research whilst studying for a PhD.
At 35 she miraculously became pregnant, having been told this was impossible, and gave birth to a baby girl. The end of a second marriage, after moving to teach philosophy in California, led to bringing up her daughter alone throughout the following decades.
When her daughter chose Chicago for college, Joia moved back to Minnesota to be closer to her mother and taught at Saint Paul College. After her mother’s death ten years later, she decided to return to Portugal. She became involved with IWP as Vice President in 2018, President in 2019, and now as the Chair of the Member’s Representative Board. She also holds a ‘Hypatia Café’ salon discussion twice a month.
Joia was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS in 2009 and has fortunately been fairly stable since then, helped by a healthy diet and exercise. She continues to struggle with the loss of strength on her left side, and misses the Taekwondo and swimming that used to be part of daily life.
Joia lives a full intellectual life and keeps in contact with many friends and colleagues all over the world, now via zoom during the pandemic.  Always open-minded, her positive inquisitive mind keeps her interested and helps her overcome whatever life throws at her, all this with a fantastic sense of humour. She continues to enjoy music—the Cascais Jazz Club has been her second home here.  
Joia loves writing and hopes to someday complete her unfinished novels as well as her philosophical memoirs, in both English and Portuguese. She currently has a blog of “rhaps” called Joia’s Rhapsodies in D Minor.
Calling all ladies who are not following our ‘IWP Forum’ Facebook page you are missing out of lots of up-to-date information and photos. 
All you have to do is ‘Like’ the page and our administrators will let you in
Come on what are you waiting for?!
Bits and Bobs:  
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Kristina Richardson and Joia Lewis, who are creating the Memory Book about our past president, Maria Barros, have asked for a few written memories or thoughts to go along with the photos that they already have. Please send your remembrances to tinakrisrich@gmail.com 
  • Thank you Oonagh Hodges for volunteering to be the Paredão Walk contact person.
  • Thank you Sarah Hassler and Mr. Hassler for being our restaurant and venue seekers!
  • Photos of our past presidents are coming in but are there more? They’ll be in our Office soon.
  • Calling all chefs! Send a good recipe with a photo to secretary.iwp@gmail.com We’ll put in on our website and make you famous!


  • We are always looking for members to help our IWP Executive Board run this wonderful organisation. If you would like to get involved, please click here to contact us.
  • Please note that in keeping with the objectives of the Association, the promotion of a business or the sale of goods or services is not allowed.

Best wishes,

Louise Strasenburgh
Executive President of IWP