Welcome to the IWP Newsletter – April 2021

Welcome to the IWP Newsletter, where you can find the latest IWP news and events so you can make the most of your time in Portugal.

IWP Newsletter April


Welcome to the IWP Newsletter
April 2021

Dear IWP Ladies

Welcome to April! 

Good news is coming in the form of April – a word whose Latin root means ‘to open’. Our lives are slowly but surely moving from closed to o-p-e-n!  I was happily made aware of this as I passed an elementary school and heard the sound of children’s voices in the playground – it was music to my ears. This confinement has been hard on all of us and children are no exception.  
If all goes according to plan, we should be able to have our coffee mornings back in the ‘peacock park’ starting on Wednesday, April 21st and restart other outdoor activities around the same time. We’ll keep you posted via our Facebook Forum and/or emails and of course, our trusty website.
Despite the rules and regs, we were able to offer several new online activities in March:  Booktopia! – a new monthly book club, Hypatia Cafe – a time dedicated to meaningful conversation, a language workshop and a culture workshop, run by our IWP in-house cultural psychologist (how lucky are we?) and a wonderful two-part photography seminar. (that has since added a 3rd and final meeting). The St. Patrick’s Trivia Night was a great success and Team BCMM came in as top winners – so congrats to Brenda and Manuel Steffler, Catherine Watmough and Margaret Kelly for beating out the rest of us with your ‘smarts’. Prizes in the form of Vinho Verde (in honour of St. Patrick) will be passed along as soon as we humans can get together. A huge thank you to Heather Evans for orchestrating the whole event – it was a lot of fun! 

Member Highlight

In this section we would like to introduce some of our talented IWP ladies each month and  this month we are talking about Marguerite Beaty (by Sandra De Hann).

This 63 year old lady was raised in Brazil by Italian/American parents, she attended international school until leaving to go to boarding schools in the US and Switzerland.

On leaving high school she started a career as a stockbroker in Brazil.  After 6 years she left to pursue her dream of photography and enrolled in a two part course, first at the famous  ‘School of Visual Arts’ in New York where she learnt the technical aspects of photography followed by the second part studying the artistic side in Miami. Her talent was spotted and she was offered a scholarship to study a ‘Masters’ degree in photography also in Miami which she did.

Marguerite started working in the corporate sector and teaching in colleges but in 2008 had to change direction as the corporate work had slowed. She began giving private lessons to maintain her income and held photography groups for fun taking students out at night to capture amazing images.

In 2016 Marguerite took a ‘sabbatical’ slowing down her pace. She travelled to the UK, Cambodia, Portugal, and Spain experiencing many different cultures and sights, whilst still enjoying her passion for photography.

After returning to Miami she decided to pack up and head back to Portugal.  When Covid hit, she moved from the Alentejo to Estoril to be less isolated as she lived on her own.

Marguerite has a wonderful talent and we are very fortunate and honored that she has offered to run our photography workshops and groups on our IWP website.

Please check out her blog www.50andrising.com ‘Inspiration for days well lived’.


Our fun Friday walks will resume ASAP but in the meantime, the leaders want to invite us to view an exhibition of photos, drawings and paintings of their past adventures, being held at the Freguesia de Cascais from April 7th to 20th.  The exhibition has been postponed several times due to the pandemic but hopefully these dates will work!  Sadly, there will be no artists’ reception.  Marsha Turner Pluhar will try to put together and post a slideshow link for members to view without leaving their homes. We will send out a notification if the dates change again. The Freguesia is the pink building in Cascais, next door to the Farmacia Cordero.

A Monthly Mobile Phone Photo Club will start up on Wednesday, May 12th from 3pm – 5pm. Our in-house photo guru, Marguerite Beaty (see Member Highlight) will open this up to 16 people only. Sign ups will be through the website. This is not a teaching workshop but a chance to meet and take some great pics and then show and tell. Gatherings will be held in the Parque Marechal Carmona in Cascais.
Speaking of all things artistic – a monthly Plein Air drawing group is set to begin on Wednesday, May 26th from 3pm – 5pm.  Again, sign up through the website to enjoy painting in the outdoors – all levels welcome. This will be open to 10 people and held at the Parque de Palmela, Cascais. Bring all your own materials – this is not a class – just a judgement free zone of creativity!

Plans are also afoot (terrible pun) for a new ‘Fast Walking’ group – again, more updates as soon as we have them.  

We have had a request for cooking lessons demonstrating how to prepare local fish and seafood that we may not recognise or know about. Do we have a volunteer?
Bits and Bobs:   

* Please send in a tasty recipe for us to place on the website! I know we have some amazing chefs out there, so whip something up, jot down how to do it, take a photo and send it along to secretary.iwp@gmail.com – we’ll do the rest.

* We are still in need of a caring person to collate our Maria Barros Memory Project. We already have some wonderful notes and photos. They need to be printed, organised and placed into a (photo album type of) book for visitors to look at when they come by the IWP office. Please consider overseeing this worthwhile activity.

* Speaking of printing – if you have a printer you never use – please consider donating it to the IWP office – thank you.

* Many thanks to those of you who were able to join us for our online Annual Financial Review Meeting. It was a very supportive and encouraging conversation and a chance to see some of the faces behind the names we’ve been coming to know!
Join us for a cup of coffee and a catch up each Tuesday morning at 10:30am. Just click on this link:  



  • We are always looking for members to help our IWP Executive Board run this wonderful organisation. If you would like to get involved, please click here to contact us.
  • Please note that in keeping with the objectives of the Association, the promotion of a business or the sale of goods or services is not allowed.

Best wishes,

Louise Strasenburgh
Executive President of IWP