Member Highlight June 2022

This month we meet Jane Thompson
(by Joy Davenport)

Jane was born in Akron, Ohio and did her undergraduate studies in Health Education and Physical Education at the University of Akron and finished her advanced degree at Kent State. Her first job was Physical Fitness instructor at the YMCA in Akron. Jane was active in the Junior League in Akron, as she continued her passion for physical fitness and health.

She also lived and worked in Montana and New Mexico. In New Mexico she worked for a home health care company, and her last 10 years at a major U.S. health insurance company before moving to Colorado where she and her husband Dave lived just prior to moving to Portugal.

Jane and Dave arrived in Portugal in May of 2021. They decided on Evora first as a home base for scouting for their permanent home. In our conversation over coffee, Jane spoke fondly of the Portuguese people she and Dave got to know in Evora, especially a tour guide, whose name I’m sure she’s happy to share.

She and Dave decided that Cascais was the place for them, and that’s where they currently reside. They enjoy the conveniences of public transportation, and the beautiful venues for outdoor activities. The couple have also done a fair amount of exploring other parts of Portugal and don’t feel they will ever tire of it.

Since moving here, she started a Facebook group “Dave and Jane in Portugal” [Adventures and Misadventures] where Jane chronicles much of their life in Portugal. She was kind enough to allow me to join, and I enjoy reading her musings about their adventures.

Jane is passionate about physical fitness, is an avid runner, and enjoys walks and hikes. She has very much enjoyed the IWP for the networking, social events and over all camaraderie.