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30 Jul, 2020
Concerts, opera, ballet, cinema, theatre and the revista, fado, and dining out form the centre of cultural life in Lisbon.

Concerts, opera, ballet, cinema, theatre and the revista (satirical views of daily life), fado, and dining out form the centre of cultural life in Lisbon.  The University of Lisbon, the Metropolitan Orchestra, the Gulbenkian Foundation and the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) often offer a variety of concerts. There are also many museums and Art Galleries to choose from. And most Lisbon museums have free entry at least once a month.

The Casino in Estoril provides gambling, dinner and shows. Cinemas and clubs in Cascais, Estoril and Lisbon provide more entertainment. In addition, the summer months in Cascais, Estoril and Lisbon are an excellent time for free street entertainment, craft fairs and fireworks. 

One frustration can be the lack of notice of cultural events in general. A notice will appear in the newspaper or on billboards that concert tickets will go on sale in a few days. Google, check your Facebook groups, read the local papers, watch for posters in museums and public buildings, and flyers in theatre programmes. The internet is an invaluable source of information as well as tourist offices where you can pick up  brochures on upcoming events. 

There are so many online sites that offer information about where to go, what to do, fun bars, great restaurants, upcoming events, concerts, theater and all manner of happenings in and around Lisbon and Portugal. See below a list of sites – note that some are in English and some in Portuguese. If you have trouble with the sites in Portuguese, copy and paste headings into google translate; this may help you navigate the site. Should you feel curious to explore further the history of your beautiful host country, see also the reading list of books in English. 


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Reading List


The Portuguese, by Barry Hatton

The First Global Village, by Martin Page

Conquerors: How Portugal Forged The First Global Empire, by Roger Crowley

Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-1945, by Neill Lochery

Women Who Walk: How 20 Women From 16 Countries Came to Live in Portugal, by Louise Ross

The Winding Road to Portugal: 20 Men from 11 Countries Share Their Stories, also by Louise Ross


Estoril: A War Novel, by Dejan Tiago-Stankovic

A Small Death in Lisbon, by Robert Wilson

A Romance in Lisbon, by Ronald Charles Wolf

The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, by Richard Zimler

The High Mountains of Portugal, by Yann Martel

Philippa of Lancaster – English Princess, Queen of Portugal, by Isabel Stilwell

Catherine of Braganza: The Courage of a Portuguese Infanta who became Queen of England, by Isabel Stilwell